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Rogue Swarm Alert Declared by CONCORD as Hostile Drones Invade

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 13 Jun 2017

YULAI – CONCORD has declared a cluster-wide “Rogue Swarm Alert”, as reports continue to come in from across New Eden of multiple major infestations of rogue drones. CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department has emphasized the danger of allowing the outbreak locations…

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Search and Rescue in Drone Regions Recalled Due to Hostile Swarms

author image by Yasda Hadoka | ingame news | 0 Comments | 09 Jun 2017

YULAI – Hostile rogue drone swarms have forced the recall of search and rescue teams from the “Drone Regions”, according to sources within CONCORD. The search teams were sent to the Etherium Reach, Malpais and Oasa regions following the loss…

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CONCORD Taskforce Pegasus Confirmed Lost in Drone Regions

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 07 Jun 2017

YULAI – CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department has confirmed the loss of a specialist taskforce deployed to investigate rogue drone activity across the Oasa, Malpais and Etherium Reach regions. The DED’s Special Projects Office has offically listed Taskforce Pegasus as lost…

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Quafe Company Receives Substantial Pre-Tribunal Settlement From State Armed Forces For Loss Of Convoy

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 25 May 2017

MAURASI – The Caldari Business Tribunal has confirmed the rescindment of charges against Caldari Customs by the Quafe company this afternoon, after a pre-tribunal settlement was reached between the two organizations that will prevent further legal action against the State…

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Blood Raider Leader Defiant in Aftermath of Capsuleer Destruction of Shipyard

author image by Ret Gloriaxx | ingame news | 0 Comments | 23 May 2017

E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant’s Omir Sarikusa has issued a defiant response to the destruction of his organization’s Sotiyo-class shipyard by capsuleers of the Imperium coalition on YC119.05.19. Speaking exclusively to Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope’s Galactic…

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Blood Raiders Deploy Advanced Shipyard; Upwell and DED Silent as Capsuleers Respond

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 17 May 2017

E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant has deployed an advanced shipyard based on the Upwell Consortium’s ‘Sotiyo’ platform, according to verified reports from capsuleers operating in the Period Basis nullsec region. Since being sighted on YC119.05.12, reportedly by…

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Federal Intelligence Office Seizes Hardware From RP4 Facility As Investigation Intensifies

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 15 May 2017

POSTOUVIN – The Scope has learned that the Federal Intelligence Office has seized a wide range of equipment from the former Astral Mining RP4 facility as part of their ongoing investigation into February’s outbreak of Kyonoke plague on board the…

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SCC Relaxes Regulations on Quantum Entangled Helium Trading

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 09 May 2017

YULAI – The Secure Commerce Commission has issued its final notice that trading in quantum-entangled 4-Helium (QE 4-He) will be relaxed when trading resumes later today. The Kimotoro Stock Exchange is preparing for a brisk trade in the newly-authorized QE…

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Sukuuvestaa Awarded Myrskaa Reconstruction Contract After City Is Razed On Schedule

author image by Alton Haveri | ingame news | 0 Comments | 08 May 2017

OIJANEN – The Myrskaa Metropolitan Corporation has confirmed this evening that the reconstruction contract for the city of Myrskaa has been awarded to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, after an intense round of bidding and contract negotiations between the two corporations concluded…

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CEP Confirms Final Death Toll On Oijanen II As State Armed Forces Prepare To Raze Myrskaa

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 03 May 2017

OIJANEN – The Chief Executive Panel has confirmed the total number of deaths caused by the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in the City of Myrskaa, which saw the entire metropolis quarantined indefinitely in February, after several other outbreaks across the…

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