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Amarr Empire Looks Forward to First Jubilee of Coronation of Empress Catiz I

author image by Zara Serir | ingame news | 0 Comments | 22 Sep 2017

Amarr Prime – The first anniversary of the coronation of Empress Catiz I is to be celebrated in a Jubilee Week festival beginning Monday and culminating in a ritual renewal of vows of obedience to the Imperial Throne on Wednesday…

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Mysterious Enclave Warzones Revealed by Agency Jobs on Behalf of “The Quartermaster” as Capsuleer Investigators Assess Threat

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 20 Sep 2017

YULAI – Widely distributed networks of enclaves believed by CONCORD to be associated with the Drifters and allied Sleeper drones have been revealed by a new job request promoted by “The Agency”. Listed as a task requested by an individual…

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Caldari State Workers Union Day Celebrations Accompanied by State-Empire Trade Meeting

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 04 Sep 2017

New Caldari – As workers across the Caldari State are celebrating one of the few universal holidays mandated by the Caldari Executive Panel across all corporate territories and holdings, the State leadership is meeting with representatives of the Amarr Empire…

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Upwell Stock Rises on News of Successful Moon Mining Tests as KSE Closes Ahead of State Workers Union Day

author image by Yasda Hadoka | ingame news | 0 Comments | 01 Sep 2017

New Caldari – Upwell Consortium bonds on the Kimotoro Stock Exchange rose in price by several points on the Billion ISK Interstellar Trading index (BISKIT), with news of successful testing of new moon mining technology in the consortium’s capsuleer-compatible virtuality…

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Eight Teams to Fight Out IGC’s Alliance Tournament XV Finals Weekend

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 18 Aug 2017

YULAI – Alliance Tournament XV finals weekend will see eight capsuleer alliance teams fight it out for the coveted championship title and Serpentis-techology prize ships made available by CONCORD’s Independent Gaming Commission. Ahead of the finals, fans across New Eden…

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IGC’s Alliance Tournament XV GalNet Casting Picked up by Empire Majors as Field Narrows

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 11 Aug 2017

YULAI – As the capsuleer Alliance Tournament XV enters its second phase of matches, CONCORD’s Independent Gaming Commission will benefit from its coverage being picked up and cast by major GalNet content providers across the empires. With capsuleer combat tournaments…

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Scope Network Ownership Formally Divests Capsuleer Job Brokering Business

author image by Celene Duponte | ingame news | 0 Comments | 14 Jul 2017

ORVOLLE – The Scope Network has announced the formal divestment of its capsuleer job brokering business, as part of a restructuring aimed at focusing on the news and entertainment side of its business, while complying with Gallente Federation and SCC…

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Republic Stands Still As Trillions Prepare For Liberation Day Celebrations

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 11 Jul 2017

PATOR – The Minmatar Republic stood still at noon today to mark the 139th anniversary of the successful Matari Rebellion against the Amarr Empire, which paved the way for the formation of the Republic more than a century ago. Seven…

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Project Discovery Exoplanets to Launch for Stars Under CONCORD Oversight

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 10 Jul 2017

YULAI – Project Discovery, New Eden’s capsuleer citizen science organization, is to launch its new exoplanets hunting program tomorrow, on the same day that its transfer to CONCORD oversight is officially completed.  Operating under the guidance of CONCORD’s Chief of…

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CONCORD Ends Rogue Swarm Alert as Immediate Threat is Removed

author image by Lina Ambre | ingame news | 0 Comments | 29 Jun 2017

YULAI – CONCORD has formally cancelled the “Rogue Swarm Alert” it declared on YC119.06.13, after the destruction of over 1.5 million rogue swarm nests and the elimination of all but a few scattered remnants of the rogue swarm’s network of…

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