Author: Ret Gloriaxx

Black Eagles Hold Private Meeting With Astral Mining Security Director

author image by Ret Gloriaxx | ingame news | 0 Comments | 17 Jun 2017

RENYN – The Scope has learned that a meeting between the senior leadership of the Federal Intelligence Office’s Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, colloquially known as the “Black Eagles”, and Astral Mining’s Regional Security Director for Solitude,…

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Blood Raider Leader Defiant in Aftermath of Capsuleer Destruction of Shipyard

author image by Ret Gloriaxx | ingame news | 0 Comments | 23 May 2017

E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant’s Omir Sarikusa has issued a defiant response to the destruction of his organization’s Sotiyo-class shipyard by capsuleers of the Imperium coalition on YC119.05.19. Speaking exclusively to Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope’s Galactic…

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