About us


The Team
Over 10 years old corp, always looking for new blood, operating in 0.0 but not limited to one region to seek out new targets. We are all skilled pilots and always try to beat our Kill/Death ratio. We dislike BS-blobs and prefer fighting in small-med engagements (wolf packs) because its fun and lag-free.

Team Economy
DAB are based on capitalism and you’ll be giving time to replace losses but not to make a fortune as dedicated pvp’er. We take care of our teamplayers and offer 0.0 access..

Team Goals
We are in this game for the long haul to seek out new challenges as a team. DAB is for one thing: fun.The key to being an intergral member of this tight-knit group of folks is team participation and consistency between what we say we do and what our actions say we do.
Teamwork committed to the security and prosperity of each other. We do not welcome solo players / ISK farmers, greed, selfishness, power seekers and megalomanias. We have no desire to be involved with stubborn politicians, asshats and bungling bureaucrats.
Playing as a team, everyone can achieve more.
DAB – Killboard

Team Structure
DAB are a military organisation lead by a Triad CEO dictatorship.
We desire to stay relative small and managable without a huge beauracracy and hierarchy to encourage longterm friendship and above all teamplay.
We strive to maintain a flat corporate structure but recognize that some amount of hierarchy (directors and gang leaders) must be applied that perform repetitive task to keep the corp running smooth and ensure all members follow our rules, code of conduct and contribute to the team.

Team Alliance
Mordus Angels

Clan History
Long history going back to a game called Homeworld and since then moved to eve along with old allies Paktu Sjet Armada [PSA] and other Homeworld Clans. Dark Angel Battalion [DAB] was formed in December of 1999 by the name of DarkFleetDAB. Best 3 words to describe DAB: friendship, fun and teamplay in a competitive environment. We dislike politics and try minimize it and focus on the fun aspect of this game. The DAB believe in respect for the tenacious, friend or foe, and look down on those that instill doubt and lack of confidence in themselves. DAB will fight till the end, sacrificing for their comarades even if it means defeat, only then to rise up again and complete the challenges set before them.

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